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Kashogi has the right to choose and cooperate with any individual, business entity, etc. that Kashogi finds appropriate.
The price list will be determined accordingly to specific cooperation with a model or any customer.
Kashogi has a right to use all the material produced and all the photographs printed, to make copies, distribute them and use them for company's own advertising, without paying any fee to person(s) represented on those photos unless otherwise agreed in writing. It is Case by case scenario.
You must be 18 years of age or older to sign the agreement with Kashogi or if you are not, only your parents, legal guardians, agency that is representing you or a photographer that is submitting your photos can do so.
Kashogi cooperates only with legal entities and agencies licensed to work in modeling business but is not responsible for their act once they hire you for modeling gig.
Agencies that would like to joint venture with Kashogi must submit their company's bylaws before the first mutual cooperation.
All the photos on this website are shown with model's approval and based on PP or based on the bylaws of the association that Kashogi is a member of. Any person that finds his or her privacy violated by Kashogi showing the photos on the website and not according to the afore mentioned rules can demand the photos to be removed immediately which will be done ASAP.
Price for any service is determined on individual basis and can be requested in writting.









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